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ATM Monitoring System SMS/Email Based

Client: Standard Charted Bank

The status of all SCB ATMs is monitored by the “Sparrow” kit which logs all the status changes. From the desktop, support engineers can monitor the ATMs with the telnet application, ANZIOLITE or PUTTY. But it’s not viable to look at the monitor all the time and report to the person assigned for a particular ATM. SMS/Email Based ATM Monitoring System does this job. This system sends an instant SMS/Email describing the ATM status to the concerned person.

This system doesn’t access “Sparrow” directly. It requires no login information from the “Sparrow”. Rather, it reads data from an open ANZIOLITE/PUTTY client screen, logs in a separate database and sends SMS/Email to the concerned persons. On a set interval, it captures the screen data, logs the status into the database and sends SMS/Email.


Standard Chartered Bank




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Product Information


SMS/Email Based ATM Monitoring System requires a Database Server, An Application Server and an ANZIOLITE/PUTTY Client. Moreover, it requires 1 or 2 GPRS/GSM modems with SIM or Our Online SMS Service for sending SMS. The Agent application captures the data from the ANZIOLITE/PUTTY screen and updates the ATM status to the database server. It also sends SMS/Email via the modems or Our Online SMS/Email Service to the concerned users. The Application Server contains a web-based administration system. This allows controlling the whole system from a remote PC.


Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

Representatives Clients

Standard Charted Bank

Number of Installation/Clients: 01

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