Card Production System

Product Overview
Card Production System
Product Overview

Card Production System

Client: Standard Charted Bank
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Product Information

Product Information

The system pulls out the necessary info from the core banking system to manage the card production.


The everyday system pulls from the core banking system about the account opening info. Then system sorts out the accounts and their criteria, for which debit card would be produced and the courier address of this account. After sorting out all kinds of information for an existing account, the system sends the required data to the production machines. Finally, machines produce a specific card for a particular new account. For the renewal of cards, a report will be generated containing the card-related info of the cardholders before one month. After confirmation, new cards will be produced for the expired-card holders. The system generates courier delivery reports as well as cards productions to provide the courier service companies with cards distributions.


  • Duel control system
  • Card expired reports generation
  • Courier delivery reports generation
  • Customers get their debit cards on the following day of account opening
  • Updating information for any card
  • Activating, deactivating, deleting, blocking, etc.


Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB

Representatives Clients

Standard Chartered Bank

Number of Installation/Clients: 01

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