Certificate Automation System – CertMagic

Product Overview
Product Overview

Certificate Automation System – CertMagic

Client: Standard Charted Bank
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Product Information

Product Information

This system generates various certificates for BANK customers. Like balance, mortgage, lone, solvency, bond, etc.


The system has templates created by the admin for different kinds of certificates to print. To print a particular type of certificate, the system retrieves related info of the certificate receiver from the core banking system. Printed certificates are system generated so there is no need for any kind of validation from a higher level. If any kind of editing is needed then it can’t be approved without a branch manager. A unique reference number based on logic & bar codes has been generated on this certificate which authenticates that this certificate is system generated. History can be traced for every certificate about its approver, editor, etc. This system reduces the time and involvement/dependency of people to issue any kind of certificate for customers.


  • Huge amount of templates
  • Dual control in editing
  • Watermark & image insertion
  • Reducing the dependency and involvement


Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB

Representatives Clients

Standard Chartered Bank

Number of Installation/Clients: 01

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