e-KYC Application

Product Overview
Product Overview

e-KYC Application

Client: Standard Charted Bank
Electronic Know your Client or e KYC is the way of resident authentication used by organizations like Banks and other financial organizations. e-KYC allows the residents to submit it as a verifies your identity and other particulars linked to you using documentation.

Standard Chartered Bank


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Product Information

Product Information


  • Users will log in to the system and will get an onboarding data capture form
  • User will capture NID information, Fingerprint, and Face
  • The system will connect to Election Commission System with API for verification of NID and capture basic information
  • The system will also connect to porichoy.gov.bd and capture customer detailed information with NID and Facial recognition
  • The system will fill in the information in the onboarding form. Users will be able to edit/amend information as required
  • The system will keep track of the auto pulled data and the modifications
  • Users will be able to download the customer information as an AOF pdf and eKYC pdf
  • Users will upload the PDFs to S2O and mark status in the system
  • The system will maintain a different user profile for the eKYC data capture
  • System will keep the original data and the edits and maintain the history
  • Standard reports will be available
  • Standard security policy will be applied



Representatives Clients

Standard Charted Bank, Habib Bank Limited

Number of Installation/Clients: 02

Advanced Software Development has been developed a web-based e-KYC application for Standard Chartered Bank in Nov 2020. Currently, we are using this eKYC application without any error. We are satisfied with the e-KYC application and support. We congratulate ASD for such wonderful support and cooperation.

– Standard Charted Bank

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