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Export Import Management System

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Export Import Management System

Client: Standard Charted Bank

Banks issue letters of credit as a way to ensure sellers that they will get paid as long as they do what they’ve agreed to do. Letters of credit are common in international trade because the bank acts as an uninterested party between buyer and seller. For example, importers and exporters might use letters of credit to protect themselves. In addition, communication can be difficult across thousands of miles and different time zones. A letter of credit spells out the details so that everybody’s on the same page.


Standard Chartered Bank




Banking Applications, Web





Product Information


  • Web-based multi-user system
  • All features in the current live system will be incorporated
  • All MIS and Regulatory Reports that are now generated from the Desktop Application
  • Customizable Entry Module for Data Entry and Amendment
  • Fully parameterized by the admin/manager role
  • Event Setting and Automatic Alert Notification
  • Email/SMS Alert
  • Integrated Letter/Certificate generation module
  • WYSIWYG Letter/Certificate designer
  • Dynamic Reports: Reports can be taken on the dynamic filter and customizable fields as and when required
  • Customizable MIS
  • Reports in Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word
  • Java Enterprise Edition-based application backend
  • Active Directory authentication for login and access
  • Group policy standard security matrix with following Central Bank ICT guideline
  • Audit trail and user access log


Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

Representatives Clients

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.

Number of Installation/Clients: 01

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