IDTP Interface, Management and Monitoring System

Product Overview
IDTP Interface
Product Overview

IDTP Interface, Management and Monitoring System

Client: Standard Charted Bank
IDTP (Interoperable Digital Transaction Platform) IMMS – IDTP Interface, Management and Monitoring System platform is a processing and settlement system for electronic payments, where the main participants are Bank, MFS, and PSPs. IDTP will also connect the utility service providers, other Govt. entities that collect fees and charges from individuals & corporates and also have the provision to connect the business entities such as e-commerce merchants and the PSOs therefore, it will act as a Master Payment Gateway.

Standard Chartered Bank


Banking Applications, Web


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Product Information

Product Information


  • Participant Interfacing Module (PIM)
  • Configuration, Management and Monitoring Module
  • Reporting and Logging Module
  • Core Banking Systems Interfacing Module


  • Developed in the Latest Web Technology and Server Application Frameworks
  • Used Microservice Based Architecture for Scalability, Better Performance, and Ease of Further Change Management
  • Load Balancing Feature to Expand Horizontally for Handling Large TPS
  • Parallel Processing in Transaction Processors and Interfacing Modules
  • Highly Configurable
  • Ability to Interface with CBS Through API and MQ
  • Transaction Threshold Setup
  • Setup Monitoring Sensors and Alerts
  • Setup Rules for Monitoring Transactions and Prevent Scams


Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7, .Net Core 3.1, C#, Angular 8, Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2019

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Standard Charted Bank

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