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NITA Automation System

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NITA Automation System

Client: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.

Non-resident investor’s taka account reporting tools for the central bank. The major objective of the solution is to automate the process of customer stock handling and generate a formatted return report for submission to Bangladesh Bank. The system will be able to take transaction information in Text or in Excel as input and will also provide the necessary input screen for data input. With the defined formatting, the system will be able to generate reports for certain tenure.

Product Information


The system will take input in two ways. Users will upload the transaction information generated from HSBC Core Banking System and will also input some information manually through the forms. The system will be able to take Text or Excel files as its input.


During the detailed requirement analysis, the respective user will have to provide all the necessary documents and make us understand the detailed logic if required, to process the input and generate the desired output. Users will have to sign the requirement analysis document and approve the UI design and output format.


As mentioned earlier, the main objective of the solution is to generate a formatted return report for submission to the Bangladesh Bank authority. The system will also provide a few MIS reports as defined by the user and also the Audit Trail.


Microsoft Access 2000/2003 will be used as the database for the application. Database design will be done for maximum optimization for better storage and performance.


 Desktop-based single user system

  • Import transaction data from CSV, EXCEL or TEXT files
  • Return report to meet the Bangladesh Bank requirement
  • Database: MS Access
  • Customizable MIS Reports
  • Reports in Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word


Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

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