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Positive Pay Management System

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Positive Pay Management System

Client: Standard Charted Bank

Reporting tools for central bank Positive Pay instruction.

Product Information

  • Web-based system
  • Create specifications to upload positive pay data from different sources
  • Auto pull positive pay information from email
  • Manually input cheque data
  • Pull cheque information from MICR system
  • Auto reconcile and generate fraud report
  • Enquiry by different criteria
  • The system will have a Desktop Agent/Windows Service for mail grabbing and a Web Interface for configuration, Management, logs and reports
  • Customer information along with email address will be captured in the system
  • The system will generate an encryption key for each customer email account
  • The encryption key will be sent to a customer cell phone via SMS
  • The system will automatically send the SMS
  • A new encryption key will be generated and sent upon every successful receive of positive instruction
  • The encryption key will comply with SCB Group Security Policy
  • The system will automatically expire the encryption key on every 30 days
  • The new encryption key will automatically be sent to the user via SMS upon expiry
  • Customers will have to zip the positive pay notice file using the encryption key using WinZip, WinRAR or any standard zip (compression) tool
  • The notice data will have to be emailed to the Item Processing designated email address
  • An agent will run on the server which will fetch the notice data from the email
  • The agent will decrypt the mail and will verify the content
  • Unencrypted and wrongly formatted data will not be considered for uploading to Positive Pay System
  • Customers will be notified via email and/or SMS in case of any wrong submission
  • The agent will automatically update the Positive Pay database with a new notice
  • The agent will automatically notify the concerned users and the customer with a summary email regarding the captured notices
  • In case of failure, the system will generate a notification and notify the concerned users
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