Priority Reward Engine

Product Overview
Product Overview

Priority Reward Engine

Client: Standard Charted Bank
This system calculates reward collection & generates a core banking system unlovable file.

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Product Information


  • The System will be a web-based and multi-user system
  • Datacenter user will upload the daily TXN file and month-end eBBS and ELending file
  • Dynamic and Customizable scoring system
  • Parameterized reward engine
  • Card400 bonus import file generation following the Card400 specification
  • Multi-layer access control:
  • Administrator – Creates Users, Sets up Parameters, Creates Scoring Logic

    Super Administrator – Approves admin Activities

    Maker – Process data

    Checker – Approves reward data

    Datacenter User – Upload TXN, BDDB2 and ELending files

    Customized MISreports


    Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

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