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Service Request Tracking System

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Service Request Tracking System

Client: Standard Charted Bank

The major objective of the solution is to automate the tracking of service requests. The system will track the requests from issuance to delivery. During the process, it will check the SLA and trigger some data to get custom MIS.


Standard Chartered Bank




Banking Applications, Web





Product Information

Input Specification

The system will have 3 input screens of which 2 for the requester and one for the service processing unit. The requester will input the requests with necessary information along with file attachments if required and the service processing unit will get the requests in a queue. Updating the necessary information and completion, the request will get back to the requester and he will be able to mark it as resolved with remarks.


During the detailed requirement analysis, the respective user will have to provide all the necessary documents and make us understand the detailed logic if required, to process the input and generate the desired output. The user will have to sign the requirement analysis document and approve the UI design and output format.

Deliverable Output

The system will provide some basic MIS and raw excel dump for further analysis.


  • Issue Request
  • Pending Queue
  • Payment Advice button to generate below form
  • Fin Ops Module – Service Owner (Processor)
  • Service Manager/HoD (Fin Ops) – New Layer


  • Additional report generation parameter for all reports
  • Update reports format
  • Add below additional reports
  • Access/Generate of FinOps Report from the Service Owner (Processor) desk


Java Web-based Solution/J2EE, SQL Server DB.

Representatives Clients

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. Eastern Bank Ltd.

Number of Installation/Clients: 02

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