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Tracker for Loans In Transit

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Tracker for Loans In Transit

Client: Standard Charted Bank

TRANSIT will be a workflow-based loan origination and processing system, which will help Premier Bank to differentiate itself from the competition. TRANSIT will be an industry-recognized leader in this space, with its technical and functional breadth. TRANSIT will be a one-stop source for originating credit applications across various types of financial products for an SME / Corporate / Retail customer, ensuring a single view of the customer and a standardized, streamlined origination process.

Product Information


  • Configure Loan Types
  • Configure Applicant Types
  • Preparation of Checklist of documents based on the loan type
  • Supports Loan Application Initiation, modification, Loan Renewal
  • Internal Deduplication process within TRANSIT
  • Simple & Advanced Loan Application and Customer Search
  • Generation of CIF Number
  • The system will have a data entry screen with logically grouped information about the customer, loan product and other information
  • Capture various details like personal, employment and address details
  • Generation of Process flow based on Product attributes
  • Asset and liabilities details capture
  • Configure types of collaterals and capture detailed collateral related information
  • Credit limit set up
  • Override of the system recommended limit can be done by the credit approver
  • Credit scoring Set up
  • Multi-level loan application approval process with a delegation
  • Sanction Letter Generation
  • DMS (Document Management & Imaging) Integration with TRANSIT
  • All decision screens display the decision history and comments provided by the earlier decision-makers.
  • Application Referral – The system also supports a recommended feature to escalate the application to the next level of underwriting
  • Customer Advice Generation
  • MIS – MIS Reports can be configured to suit the business needs, using the TRANSIT Reports tool. Report output: CSV, PDF, DOC, XLS
  • Application Audit log
  • Group Security Matrix
  • Task assignment against User Roles or Specific User


ASP.NET Desktop Based Application, SQL Server DB

Representatives Clients

Standard Chartered Bank, Premier Bank Ltd. SABINCO

Number of Installation/Clients: 03

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